Wealth Builder Software


More than a Decade of our Director's dedicated experience in Trading with Global Currency Markets (Commonly Known as Forex or FX) along with specialized IT Management Expertise has led us to design, develop and implement this unique Artificial Intelligent Software to Trade 100% Automatically in FX market. This Robot completely eliminates the need of Human Intervention to Study and Analyse the market and to take Trading Decisions. 

This Auto-Trading Software will work 24/7 and keep determining the potential opportunities to Trade the market. Whether it is to Buy any Trading Instrument or Sell it, this State-of-the-Art Intelligent Robot will keep doing its Job while its users are busy in other activities or even while they are sleeping or vacationing. 

Features Highlights:

100% Automatic Artificial-Intelligence Software 
SaaS (Software as a Service) Model to keep user 100% Free
Sophisticated VPS (Virtual Private Servers) to host the Software with 100% uptime.  
Highly Professional Business Approach 
Healthy and Smart ROI Ranging between 40% to 50% per year with Conservative Risk Management Approach  
Very Smart Risk Management System 
Custom / Adaptable Risk Management System 
Globally Regulated Business 
Low Cost Business Setup with Guaranteed Profits from 1st Year 
Free Individual and Corporate Trading Accounts with High Profile Regulated Brokerage Houses 
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